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Do You Use the Fitzpatrick Skin Type or the Baumann Skin Type to Prescribe Skincare Regimens?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The Fitzpatrick Skin Typing Scale, developed in 1975 by Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, has proven to be a useful way to determine correct doses of ultraviolet A (UVA) and psoralen (PUVA) treatments for psoriasis patients. This scale continues to be used for other laser treatments such as laser hair removal. 

The  Baumann Skin Typing System, created in 2004 by Dr. Leslie Baumann, considers the four barriers to skin health – dehydration, inflammation, aging, and dyspigmentation – when prescribing skincare regimens for patients.

Do you use one or both of these scales in your practice? Learn more about each system and how you can easily and effectively incorporate them into your office.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type 

Prior to the development of the Fitzpatrick scale, UVA light treatments were dosed based only on hair and eye color. Dr. Fitzpatrick realized that there was a need for a better dosing system that would consider skin characteristics as well. Although the Fitzpatrick scale was originally developed for only white skin, a new scale was created in 1988 to account for skin of color. 

While the Fitzpatrick skin typing system still has applications when performing laser and light treatments, it does not correspond to skincare needs. Rather, it measures the skin’s ability to pigment when exposed to UVA light. Additionally, this scale needs to be assessed by a physician for accuracy.

The Fitzpatrick Scale

There are six types in the Fitzpatrick skin typing system:

  1. Type I – always burns, never tans

  2. Type II – usually burns, tans minimally

  3. Type III – sometimes mild burn, tans uniformly

  4. Type IV – burns minimally, always tans well 

  5. Type V –  very rarely burns, tans very easily 

  6. Type VI – never burns 

Baumann Skin Type System

The purpose of the Baumann Skin Type System, also known as the Skin Type Solutions System, is to determine the phenotype of the skin in order to prescribe the proper skincare regimen for a patient’s specific needs. This system was developed to assess and treat the four barriers of skin health: dehydration, inflammation, dyspigmentation, and lifestyle factors that accelerate aging.

The 16 Baumann Skin Types

Each of the 16 Baumann Skin Types corresponds to the combination of these barriers that stand in the way of optimal skin health. 

Patients can find their Baumann Skin Type by taking a quick and easy digital skin type questionnaire via mobile app, or visiting a physician’s office that utilizes the Baumann Skin Type system. Once you know a patient’s Baumann Skin Type, you can accurately and efficiently prescribe a customized skincare regimen designed and tested to improve each barrier. This validated system has been shown to improve patient compliance by offering easy engagement tools to help educate patients about the unique characteristics of their skin and how each prescribed product will help them achieve a healthy complexion.

Learn More

Have questions about how you can implement the validated Skin Type Solutions system into your practice to improve outcomes and streamline patient communication and education? Please contact us online, call 305-714-5322, or send an email to We would be happy to discuss with you how the Baumann Skin Type System can help you to use your expertise to quickly and accurately assess your patients’ Baumann Skin Types and prescribe tested products that yield amazing results.

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