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Do Patients Judge Dermatologists Who Sell Products Harshly?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As a dermatologist, you’ve probably wrestled with the question of whether or not your patients want you to sell skincare products in your practice–and if they do, if it’s ethical. But the truth is, that by offering products that are appropriate for various skin types and conditions either directly in their retail boutique or through an online store, dermatologists can more effectively address the unique needs of each patient. In fact, I have experienced overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients who have taken advantage of the convenience and hassle-free experience of purchasing their skincare products directly from my office.

Offering retail products through your practice can not only increase your revenue, but it benefits your patients as well, and here are the top three reasons why.

1. It’s Convenient

When a patient schedules an appointment with you, he or she has already dedicated a certain amount of time out of what’s probably a very busy schedule. If you don’t sell products in your practice, your patients then have to spend additional time shopping for the right products that will hopefully match the professional advice that you gave them.

On the other hand, offering the proper products for their unique skin type directly in your retail store or online saves your patients the time and headache of searching elsewhere. Essentially, your medical practice becomes a one-stop-shop for skincare, making it easy and convenient for patients to effectively manage their skin’s health.

2. It Protects Patients from Purchasing Counterfeit and Expired Products

Both counterfeit and expired skincare products have become a widespread problem, as more and more evidence is cropping up to show just how easy it is for seemingly name-brand products to fall into the wrong hands. I have personally seen countless examples of patients bringing in products that have been mislabeled or expired.

By offering professional-grade products in your practice, you can help to minimize the number of counterfeit or expired products that are being sold through untrustworthy retailers and protect your patients from having to deal with this frustrating issue–and the potential harm these products may cause.

3. Improve Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

Directing your patients to the exact skincare products that they need in order to treat or maintain their skin condition, dermatologists can significantly improve outcomes and therefore increase patient satisfaction. If a patient grows frustrated with the constant back-and-forth struggle of trying a product, not seeing results, and then trying a new product, he or she is probably going to lose interest and stop trying altogether.

Instead, make the process much easier on patients by selling them the right products for their skin type so that they can avoid the “trial and error” that’s inevitably going to happen if they’re left to make unguided skincare purchases.

The Bottom Line

I have seen first-hand that patients absolutely do not judge a dermatologist harshly for selling skincare products. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Patients are happy to purchase skincare from you because they know they aren’t wasting time or money using the wrong products.

If you’re interested in becoming a Skin Type Solutions Physician Partner and offering your patients access to exclusive skincare products through the STS Franchise System, please visit for more information.

Developed by world-renowned dermatologist, Leslie Baumann, MD, the Skin Type Solutions® Franchise System is an educational, science-based skincare store that implements a simple and reliable system to maximize skincare product sales and improve patient compliance and results.

Based on Dr. Baumann’s patent-pending Baumann Skin Typing System, this first-of-its-kind retail model provides dermatologists with the scientific methodology, training, and education necessary to prescribe effective, customized skincare regimens utilizing multiple brands of products that have been independently tested and approved by Dr. Baumann. To learn more about what Skin Type Solutions can do for your dermatology practice, visit the STS site here.


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