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3 Steps to Increasing Dermatology Practice Earnings and Efficiency

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The goal of your dermatology practice is to first and foremost help your patients care for and improve their skin’s health and appearance. By taking the right steps, you can better treat your patients while simultaneously increasing the earnings and efficiency of your practice. Here are three important steps to consider when thinking about the future of your practice and how you can improve your patients’ experiences while also increasing revenue and allowing your dermatology practice to thrive.

1. Improve Patient Outcomes

It probably goes without saying that when your patients are happy, your practice as a whole is set up for success. As patient satisfaction increases, so does adherence, which, in turn, means an increase in return patients for your practice (JAMA Dermatology). But the reality is that patient nonadherence is the biggest obstacle to positive outcomes, which can lead to dissatisfaction. Therefore, the key to improving patient outcomes on a large scale is to take steps to increase adherence and therefore positive,noticeable results.

This is why selling skincare products in your office or through an online store can be so beneficial. Not only does it help to increase earnings for your practice, but it also helps patients to stick to a skincare routine that’s been custom-tailored to meet their unique needs and that will get them the results they’re looking for.

Make it easy on yourself and your patients by becoming a Skin Type Solutions Physician Partner. This gives you access to an entire line of STS-approved skincare products that you can ethically sell in your office or online.

2. Standardize Methodologies

The Skin Type Solutions System also helps you to standardize methodologies and streamline patient visits without sacrificing the quality of your time spent with each individual. While in your office, patients can take the Baumann Skin Typing Questionnaire to determine which of the 16 Baumann Skin Types they are. Once you have this information, you’ll have a ready-made template all about their specific skin type, conditions, and needs.

This allows you to hone in on their unique needs during their office visit. You’ll be able to discuss in detail which treatments and products are best suited for their skin type, as well as direct them to the right STS-approved products that you have available right in your office.

3. Empower Employees

It’s also well worth it in the long run to make sure that your staff and employees feel appreciated and encouraged. It’s not a bad idea to have regularly scheduled office meetings where you can discuss any comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. that your employees may have. This also provides an opportunity for you to make sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of the collective goals of the practice and whether or not you’re on track to meet those goals.

The Bottom Line

Increasing patient satisfaction while simultaneously improving practice earnings and efficiency doesn’t have to be as challenging as it might sound at first. By implementing a few simple, yet hugely important steps into the way your practice runs, you can benefit your patients, your employees, and your practice all at the same time.

If you’d like more information about becoming a Skin Type Solutions franchise partner, visit

Developed by world-renowned dermatologist, Leslie Baumann, MD, the Skin Type Solutions® Franchise System is an educational, science-based skincare store that implements a simple and reliable system to maximize skincare product sales and improve patient compliance and results.

Based on Dr. Baumann’s patent-pending Baumann Skin Typing System, this first-of-its-kind retail model provides dermatologists with the scientific methodology, training, and education necessary to prescribe effective, customized skincare regimens utilizing multiple brands of products that have been independently tested and approved by Dr. Baumann. To learn more about what Skin Type Solutions can do for your dermatology practice, visit the STS site here.


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